Be beautiful, Be Nature At the Relais du Plessis

The cosmetic products & the Relais du Plessis collaboration is based on sustainability and eco-friendly principles, integrated to our treatments and high quality products. Our resort decided to work with those brands for their ethical comitment to our environment protection (all those 3 cosmetic brands are members of SPA-A association).

Baija : The Natural & Oriental Experience 

Baija cosmetics, the Natural & Oriental Experience, Relais du Plessis

Through its organic product line, the Baija cosmetic brand is inviting you to travel the world… Natural and Authentics, the Baija products will seduce you with their smoothnesss, their delighful odor as well as through their concept. From natural origins, those products are Fair Trade certified.

Odors & colors…  Every BAija products caracterisitics will remind you the oriental world… Their advantages ? They are made from natural ingredients, selected for their properties and their virtues. Smooth and nourishing, Baija products will open your senes thanks to their different parfums (organge flower, honey, rose, jasmin, fig etc…).
To get a natural beauty moment, the brand is offering multiple products (Alep soap, body oils, Karite butter, scrubs etc…). Those organic cosmetic are concentrated in benefits for the body. Do not miss the others accessories such as candles of this brand, to recreate at home your own oriental ambiance !

La Sultane de Saba : The Travel Sensory Experience

La Sultane de Saba - The Travel Sensory Experience - Relais du Plessis

The Sultane de Saba concept has been biult around an anciant and precious ritual of oriental women beauty routine; Beauty Secrets transmitted from mother to daughter and  from one generation to another…

Through authentics and original products, those cosmetic with various odors and colors, La Sultane de Saba makes you travel and dream about new horizons, new place under the sun, where body & mind come back to the basis, to their balance and harmony. Inspired from asian & oriental cultual beauty rituals, La Sultane de Saba offers products ranges with a unique authenticity and magic ! Each of those products from the La sultane de Saba brand are guaranteed without Parabens and are artisanaly made. Those are the result of a subtil combination of rare ingredients founds around the world, from material and odors coming from different countries and from ancestral recipes…

L’Atelier des Délices : The Organic & Gourmet Time

L'Atelier des Délices , The Organic & Gourmet Time, Relais du Plessis

The new organic brand in Beauty institute, L’Atelier des Délices will satisfy women loving gourmet treats and expeting real product efficiency. The brands takes its efficacity in specific vegetal componants, full of vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids for your skin wellbeing. Mens will also find their happiness in a product range, especially made for their skin type.

L’Atelier des Délices is a unique brand, able to provide all organic products properties and performances in the different treatments, and bringing at the same time a gourmet and essential gourmet touch to your relaxing moment ! The care products L’Atelier des Délices are ECOCERT organic label certified and are therefore produced in the respect of our environment .

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